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Junior Academy

Here, you can find an overview of the projects in Freiburg since 2011 that have received funding within the frame of the Health Services Research Junior Academy Baden-Württemberg. The participants of the Junior Academy are mentored by the Health Services Research Coordination Unit.

This table contains the current contact information of the scientists, information about the applicant institutions, details about the projects as well as about the publications, congress contributions and talks within the frame of events of the Health Services Research Coordination Unit Freiburg.


Projects in Health Services Research


Scientists Institution Titel Publications, Conference Contribution and Talks
Martina Bischoff CCCF of the University Medical Center Freiburg

Impact of the Introduction of an Interdisciplinary Tumor Conference Complementary Medicine on the Care of oncological Patients

Michael Braun Institute for Medical Biometry and Statistics of the University Medical Center Freiburg Extension and Evaluation of an Advisory Application for Muscle Dystrophy Duchenne for Strengthening the Autonomy of affected Families
Sabine Drexler Neurocenter of the University Medical Center Freiburg

Dealing with (potentially) braindead Patients - Creating a Concept on on the base of Insights on how Caregivers, Doctors and Relatives experience the Situation

Stefan Köberich Section for Health Services Research and Rehabilitation Research of the University Medical Center Freiburg The Measuring of patient-oriented Care - Methodological Examination of the german Version of the Individualized Care Scale
Antje Koller Clinic for Palliative Care of the University Medical Center Freiburg Pilot Test of Feasibility and Effects of the Implementation of a self-management Support Intervention for Patients with Cancer and their Family Caregivers to reduce Pain and related Symptoms (ANtiPain)
Lena Krämer Department for Rehabilitation Psychology and Psychotherapy at the Intitute for Psychologie of the Albert-Ludwig-University Freiburg Pilot Study about the Feasibility, Acceptance and Effectiveness of an Online-Intervention for depressive Patients during the Waiting Period for outpatient Psychotherapy
Katharina Laubner Department for Endocrinology and Diabetology of the University Medical Center Freiburg Impact of a specific Self-Management Training on Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 and co-morbid Depression (Sante)
Sabine Lins Cochrane Germany Analysis of Evidence-Basing of nutritional Brochures for pregnant Women (EVAS)
Evelyn Müller Department for Research Methods of the University of Education Freiburg Occupational Care Demand and Care Services of Patients with chronic orthopaedic Diseases
Astrid Pechmann Center for Child and Adolescent Medicine of the University Medical Center Freiburg Decision-making in palliative Care of Children with neuro-degenerative Diseases using the Example of Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Iris Tinsel Teaching Field General Medicine of the University Medical Center Freiburg Development of a quality-tested Decision Guide for reducing the cardiovascular Risc (QEH-CVR)


An overview of further projects in Health Services Research can be found in the Health Services Research project database of the Institute of Medical Sociology, Health Services Research, and Rehabilitation Science (IMVR) of the Faculty of Human Sciences of the University of Cologne.