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Health Services Research Innovation Fund

In the context of the SHI Care Empowerment Act the federal government promotes new types of care that exceed the current standard care as well as Health Services Research projects with the scope of gaining knowledge in order to improve the current care in statutory health insurance.

For this purpose, the federal government has launched an Innovation Fund. The available subsidy amount for the years of 2016 to 2019 comes to 300 MM € respectively. Of this amount, 225 MM € are designated for the funding of new types of care and 75 MM € are designated for Health Services Research. The financial means for the fund are provided by the statutory health insurance and the health care fund. 

The Innovation Fund, created at the Joint Federal Committee (G-BA), determines the main topics and criteria for a funding in the funding announcements, conducts expression of interest procedures and decides on received applications for funding. Legal basis for the activities of the Innovation Fund, established at the Joint Federal Committee, are §§ 92a and 92b of the Social Security Statute Book Five (SGB V).


As current matters stand, institutions of the University Medical Center Freiburg or the University of Freiburg are involved in the following projects: