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Regional Protagonists

Here, you can find an overview of the protagonists in Health Services Research in Freiburg and vicinity. You can arrange the table by clicking on the headlines. In case you are active in HSR as well but not listed yet, you are welcome to contact Susanne Walter, who will add your information after validation.




Name of the Research Facility
Areas of ResearchMethodical ExpertiseContact Partner

Department for Research Methods of the Institute for Psychology of the University of Education Freiburg

  • Operational health management
  • Evaluation and quality management
  • Health science research methods
  • Assessment methods
Department for Rehabilitation Psychology and Psychotherapy at the Institute for Psychology of the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg
  • Efficacy testing of web-based (preventive) interventions
  • Stepped-care of people with physical indispositions and mental disorders
  • Evaluation of computer adaptive diagnostic
  • Health behavior of  depressive patients
  • Qualitative social research with emphasis on the autobiographical narrative interview
  • Subjective experience of coping and life quality of people with brain damage on their relatives
  • Methodical advice for quantitative data analysis
  • Qualitative methods
AGP Age. Society. Participation: Institute for Applied Social Research in the Research and Innovation Association FIVE e.V. at the Freiburg Protestant University of Applied Sciences 
  • Living, participation and social environment in old age and with dementia
  • Formal and informal care
  • Civic engagement by and for the elderly
  • Hospice and palliative care
  • Case management
  • Living, participation, acquisition structures and social environment in disabled people
  • Studies of legal custom and practice
  • Standardized, activating survey
  • Methods of application-oriented action research
  • Qualitative methods
  • Online survey
Area for Medical Psychology and Medical Sociology at the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg
  • Organizational health services research; organizational behavior; team work and team development in healthcare
  • Patient safety
  • Participatory care design, patient orientation, participatory decision making
  • Rehabilitation research
  • Quality management
  • Medical education research
  • Qualitative survey and evaluation method: interviews, focus groups, group discussions and content analysis
  • Quantitative methods: written surveys, descriptive and inference-statistical procedures, structural equation modeling
  • Moderation, training and coaching
  • Project management
Area for Childhood Pedagogy of the Freiburg Protestant University of Applied Sciences
  • Childhood pedagogy
  • Childhood and lifeworld
  • Methods of children and childhood studies
  • Evaluation of early educational programs
  • Quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Pre-/Postanalyses
  • Advancement of the methods of children and childhood studies e.g. by dialog assisted child interviews
Cochrane Germany
  • Evidence based health care
  • Methodology of systematic reviews
  • GRADE Methodology
  • Dissemination bias
  • Transfer of knowledge
  • Systematic reviews and other forms of evidence synthesis
  • Evidence mapping
  • Development of guidelines (GRADE)
  • Quantitative and qualitative research methods
Field of Public Health and Health Education at the Institute for Everyday Culture, Movement and Health at the University of Education Freiburg
  • Evidence basing in prevention and rehabilitation
  • Health literacy and health pedagogy
  • Health services research from the perspective of public health
  • Quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • Assessment instruments (patient-told endpoints)
  • Administrative data (e.g. SHI-accounting data)
  • Systematic reviews
Research focus „Health Services Research in Gerontology, Nursing and Health" at the Institute for Applied Research, Development and further education of the Catholic University of Applied Sciences Freiburg
  • Analyses in the area of care structures for ill and elderly people
  • Development, testing and evaluation of new care models and innovative interventions
  • Research and analyses about collaborative care
  • Research in the area of in-patient long-term care
  • Research about domestic nursing settings and about the situation of nursing families
  • Research about life quality in cases of need of help and care
  • Development and research about multidisciplinary care mix in social environment and district – Community Care
  • Research about forms and structures of civic involvement in care settings
  • Qualitative methods – narrative and content analytical procedures and analyses (primarily based on MAX QDA)
  • Biographical methods and procedures
  • Social network analyses
  • Quantitative analyses (based on SPSS)
  • Mixed methods Designs
Institute for Medical Ethics and History of the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg
  • Clinical ethics
  • Nursing ethics
  • Understanding of the doctor's role and self-conception of medicine
  • Hermeneutical concept and argumentation analysis
  • Ethical theorizing
  • Ethical case study
Institute for Medical Biometry and Statistics of the University Medical Center Freiburg
  • Development of statistical methods for routine data
  • Big Data-techniques
  • Knowledge discovery
  • Quantitative methods
  • Integration of data
Institute for Psychology of the University of Education Freiburg    
Institute for Sociology of the University of Education Freiburg    
Clinic for Palliative Medicine of the University Medical Center Freiburg    
Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the University Medical Center Freiburg
  • Psychoeducation and patient education
  • Personalized and stepped-care as well as casemanagement approaches
  • Telepsychotherapy
  • Networks and social support
  • Cultural adaptation
  • Psychosocial Care and social psychiatry
  • Quantitative methods, primarily cross-sectional studies and RCTs
  • Qualitative methods, primarily interview research and focus group research
Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy of the University Medical Center Freiburg    
Teaching field of General Medicine of the University Medical Center Freiburg    
Research association for rehabilitation sciences Freiburg e.V.
  • Evidence basing of rehabilitation based high-quality studies
  • Integration and anchoring of rehabilitation-oriented topics in health services and participation research
  • Development and evaluation of interventions for the purpose of furthering patient orientation in rehabilitation
  • Investigation of the conditions for successful work-related rehabilitation
  • Development and evaluation of innovative care concepts relevant for rehabilitation (e.g. telemedicine, web-based treatment and counseling approaches, integrative care in cases of chronic conditions)
  • Methodical consultation for quantitative data analyses, especially regression and variance analytical methods, dealing with missing variables, analysis of structural equation models with AMOS
  • Qualitative methods, especially grounded theory
  • Assessment instruments
  • Systematic reviews
Department for Health Services Research and Rehabilitation Research at the Institute for Medical Biometry and Statistics of the University Medical Center Freiburg
  • Health services research in health care
  • Evaluation research
  • Evidence based medicine, guidelines and treatment concepts in rehabilitation and in cases of chronic conditions
  • Quality assurances and quality management in health care
  • Patient-reported outcomes and development of assessment methods
  • Nursing research
  • Social medicine
  • Quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • Assessment instruments
  • Systematic reviews
SoFFI F. Social-scientific Women's Studies Research Institute Freiburg    
Clinical Trials Unit of University Medical Center Freiburg    

Comprehensive Cancer Center Freiburg of the University Medical Center Freiburg

Center for Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology Freiburg of the University Medical Center Freiburg    
Center for Medicine and Society at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität 
  • Global urban health
  • Evidence based health care
  • Urban protection of the environment
  • Global health issues
  • Urban infectious diseases
  • Human-environment-relations
  • Research methods in health sciences
  • Modern morphometry and statistical evaluation
  • Epidemiological methods
  • Demographical methods
  • Database analysis
  • Qualitative research methods (especially interviews and focus group discussions)
Center for Development in Civil Society
  • Caring Community
  • Engagement
  • Management of volunteers
  • Welfare Mix
  • Research
  • Evaluation
  • Consulting Service
  • Training
ZfKJ Center for Child and Youth Research in the Research Association FIVE e.V. at the Freiburg Protestant University of Applied Science